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Sell your home fast, by Avoiding these pitfalls.

  • Here is a Riddle for you: We all have them, we all get annoyed with them, and we procrastinate or never do them. What are they? The Honey Do Lists or Project Lists. Are you thinking of Selling your Home? If so, it's time to "Get-r- Done". You may reason that the new person that buys the house can fix it. That reasoning would be a terrible pitfall and could cost you money or potential buyers. There is a big difference between a "fixer-upper" and deferred maintenance. A strong first impression makes all the difference.

  • Disclose any issues with the House or property. It's the Law! It is better to hear it from you than for the Buyer to find it and the sale fall through.

  • Do you have a tenant that rents from you? If so, you will need to discuss with your tenant ahead of time about moving if the buyer is not interested in being a landlord or sharing their new space. It is usually a good a idea to offer the tenant a moving bonus to assist them in moving to a new place. If your tenant tells you that they want to stay, then that would need to be disclosed to the buyer.

  • Prepare for possible closing costs. Most of these will be handled at closing and will be taken out of the funds and reflected on the Estimated settlement statement. Others such as possible repairs after an inspection or due diligence period will either need to be repaired by you or further negotiation on the purchase price might be in order.

  • The Price is Right! or is it? You may feel like your house is worth more than it is compared to the market opinion and comparable homes in the area. Pricing your house too high or even too low could be detrimental in both instances. Pricing too high might leave you waiting for a buyer that never comes with an offer. Pricing too low will sell your house fast, but you could be leaving thousands on the table.

As a Realtor, I can offer local market analysis and a list of comparable homes to use to help set the best educated price for your home. I can also refer you to an appraiser who can offer you an objective view on what the value of your home is, or should be.

Avoiding these pitfalls will help you sell your home for the best price and offer a smoother transition and sale process. Things will always come up, but by avoiding these pitfalls it will not completely derail your closing. I am happy to help you. Please reach out to me anytime.

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